New Farm Fresh & Local Itinerary - Visit Rainier
Mount Rainier as seen from Enumclaw Photo Courtesy Dan DeVries Photography

New Farm Fresh & Local Itinerary

Explore the Mount Rainier region with an eye on fresh locally grown produce and artisan products.


Escape the city for a few days in this multi-day itinerary. Enjoy a delightful return to the land. This suggested itinerary highlights places to go to buy farm-fresh produce, cheese, wine, spirits, and more. Meet farmers and discover the harvests from their hard work, a meticulous eye for detail, and many hours in the field caring for their animals and crops. We also feature two farms where to stay overnight. And restaurants to stop along the way around the mountain to enjoy local flavors.

Most farms featured in this itinerary prefer tours scheduled ahead of time. Others welcome visitors to carefully roam their fields, as long as you leave the grazing to the animals. Please check individual posted hours in the itinerary prior to your visit. These are all working farms. Please respect posted hours to help ensure you are warmly welcomed. We want each farm visit to be a positive experience for visitors and the farmers.

This itinerary is best enjoyed during the summer season and early fall for harvest time.

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