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Fall in the Park

Slowly but surely, fall has slowly begun to take hold at the park. Leaves are beginning to turn, the evenings become brisk, and the crowds begin to thin. Autumn at Mount Rainier; it’s simply a stunning time to visit the park. For a huckleberry-laden hike, choose Noble Nob. Reports have made mention to great berry crops along the trail. For fall color, the Skyline Trail near Paradise is always a fan favorite. For a lesser-known trail, try Summit Lake, near the Carbon River Entrance to the park. Come for a fall getaway this season at the park.

All roads in the park are open, but now is a good time to remind visitors what is open, what is closed, and what buildings have moved to winter hours.

National Park Inn – Open daily year-round
Longmire General Store – Open daily year-round
Longmire Museum – Open daily year-round
Longmire Wilderness & Information Center – Open through Oct. 11th
Cougar Rock Campground – Open through Oct. 11th

Paradise Inn – Open through Oct. 4th
Henry M. Jackson Visitor Center – Open daily through Oct. 11th; Beginning Oct. 12th, open 10am-5pm weekends and holidays
Paradise Guide House – Open weekends through Sept. 26th

Ohanapecosh Campground – Open through Oct. 11th
Ohanapecosh Visitor Center – Open through Oct. 11th

Sunrise Visitor Center & Day Lodge – Closed for winter
Sunrise Road is tentatively scheduled to close for the season October 12, depending on road and weather conditions.

Carbon River
Carbon River Ranger Station – Call for hours: 360-829-9639
White River Campground – Open through Oct. 3rd.