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Horse riders on a guided trail ride at Echo River Ranch

Guided Trail Rides by Echo River Ranch

Echo River Ranch in Enumclaw, Washington offers year-round guided trail rides, rain or shine.

Guided trail ride by Echo River RanchLocally owned and operated. Echo River Ranch is situated on five acres about five miles northeast of the City of Enumclaw. Guided trail rides are the main focus of services provided by the ranch. All guided rides are conducted at a leisurely pace. In addition to guided riding, the ranch also offers meet and greet bonfires and basic horse familiarization. 

The ranch is bordered by private properties and private timberlands. Thus many of the guided rides are done out of the local trailheads on public lands. The foothills surrounding the ranch have several trailheads with miles and miles of beautiful trails. 

Both trail guide and the ranch owner, Debie has over forty years of trail riding experience. She is familiar with all the trails upon which she guides other riders, including building and maintaining clearance on several of them. In addition to knowing the trails, she grew up in Washington State and is familiar with much of the plant life and can accurately identify edible wild berries and a few species of wild mushrooms. Are you a foodie? Ask about their fall foraging tours for wild mushrooms and berries. 

Appointments or reservations required. Call (360) 367-1201 for more information or to place a reservation. Regular trail rides are priced at $60 per rider for a one-hour ride, or $100 per rider for a two-hour ride. For local lodging near the ranch click here