Denman Falls

Denman Falls2 KSDenman Falls is a spectacular waterfall accessed from the West Side Road inside Mt. Rainier National Park. The waterfall is difficult to reach because getting there involves a long hike or mountain bike ride. While the hike is not difficult it’s 15.5 miles round-trip. Although the falls have been accessible off the West Side Road for nearly the life of the park, the official viewpoint for the falls is now largely obstructed, making head-on views of the falls impossible. The waterfall was named by Ben Longmire in honor of A.H. Denman, a photographer who contributed many photographs to the park in the early 1900s.

Height: 141 feet | Form: Plunge | Number of Drops: 1

Source Stream: Saint Andrews Creek | Access: Long Hike / Mtn Bike

Location: 46.83565 N, -121.9078 W

Directions: From the parking area at the gate on the Westside Road its 7 3/4 miles to St. Andrews Creek. The Denman Falls trail starts to the immediate right of the St. Andrews Creek bridge and drops to the falls in about 1/4 mile.

Access the Denman Falls trail description here.