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Christine Falls

Christine Falls

Christine Falls
Photo courtesy Loren Lane

Some of the prettiest and most easily accessible falls in Mt. Rainier National Park, Christine Falls offers a charming intimate setting for viewing the powerful falls. This signature view of the lower falls is framed by the historic, arching Christine Falls Bridge. The falls drop 69 feet in drops of 32 and 37 feet respectively and are notorious for being nearly impossible to photograph together. Since the lower drop of the waterfall is spanned by a bridge it most often photographed – and photographed often. The upper tier of the fall is not as easily viewed. Find this little gem on the road to Paradise. Limited parking at the falls is available.

Named by P.B. Van Trump after his daughter, Christine.





Photo of Crhstine Falls courtesy Instagram User Shuttlerhold
Photo of Christine Falls courtesy Instagram User Shuttlerhold

Height: 69 feet | Form: Tiered Plunges | Number of Drops: 2

Source Stream: Van Trump Creek | Access: Car

Location: 46.78105 N, -121.77959 W

Directions: From the Nisqually entrance of the park, drive 10.7 miles, just past the Comet Falls trailhead to a small parking area. A short set of stairs leads to the falls overlook.

Q: How far is Christine Falls from Comet Falls

A: It’s approximately a 2-mile walk from Christine Falls to Comet Falls, typically will take about an hour one-way, 4-miles or approx. 2 hours round trip. 

Q: What’s the nearest lodging to Christine Falls? 

A: It’s 4.3 miles from the National Park Inn at Longmire to Christine Falls and 14 miles to the Paradise Inn up at Paradise. Click here for lodging nearest the falls. 

Q: Can I get married at Christine Falls? 

A: A permit is required for all wedding ceremonies held within Mount Rainier National Park. Most ceremonies in the park are brief and simple; elaborate ceremonies do not work well in the park’s natural setting. Click here for more information on wedding permits.

Q: Can I fly my drone over the falls? 

A: No. Launching, landing, or operating an unmanned aircraft (drone) from or on lands and waters administered by the National Park services within the boundaries of Mount Rainier National Park is prohibited.