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A person holds two take-out plates of Chinese food

Chop Stix Teriyaki and Asian Cuisine


Address | 311 Center St E., Eatonville, WA 98328

Phone | (360) 832-6261

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The Chop Stix Teriyaki and Asian Cuisine Restaurant is located in downtown Eatonville. Visitors can dine indoors and when the weather cooperates, additional seating is available on the deck outside. Take-out is also available. 

Specializing in Chinese food, the restaurant is open six days a week, open Monday-Saturday closed on Sundays. The restaurant offers popular favorites orange chicken, Kung Pao chicken, and walnut honey chicken plus potstickers, fried rice, and egg rolls. Also on the menu is Pho Dao, a Vietnamese beef noodle soup. 

Chop Stix Restaurant Signage