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Chenuis Falls

Chenuis Falls

Chenuis Falls has a remote feel tucked away in the Carbon River Rainforest area of the park, though it’s not a difficult falls to reach by any means. Spring is the best time to visit these falls when rainfall and snowmelt are high. The falls swell and at the most visible point – the lowest tier of the falls – water tumbles 168 feet at a 45-degree angle like a waterslide before arriving at a serene blue-green pool at the bottom. It’s extremely picturesque, although a challenge to photograph and do it justice.

Height: 287 feet | Form: Steep Cascade | Number of Drops: 4

Source Stream: Chenuis Creek | Access: Easy Hike

Location:  46.99308 N, -121.8424 W

Directions: Drive to the Carbon River entrance of Mt. Rainier National Park and walk 3.4 miles along the Carbon River Road to the Chenuis Falls Trailhead. The falls are 0.5 miles from the trailhead.