Go Geocaching at Mt. Rainier



100 geocaches to celebrate 100 years of the National Park Service

Ready for a new adventure? Created to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service in 2016 the Geotour lives on in with 100 geocaches placed around Mount Rainier and in our gateway communities.

If you haven’t tried geocaching yet, it’s an outdoor “treasure hunt” using a GPS-enabled device such as a smartphone (with a geocaching app) or GPS receiver. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then look for the geocache (container) hidden at that location. This activity has exploded in popularity in the past few years – learn more at Geocaching 101.  Read about Visit Rainier Blogger Kari Desser’s experience geocaching around Mt. Rainier.

The 100 geocaches on the Visit Rainier GeoTour will highlight the rich history, scenic wonders, quaint communities, and hidden gems of the Mount Rainier region. Can you say “road trip”?!

The geocaches were released in in four series of 25 caches each during 2015 and 2016. You can receive a pathtag for completing each series, plus a bonus geocoin if you find all 100 caches. The release dates were: Series 1 – June 13, 2015; Series 2 – October 8, 2015; Series 3 – July 1, 2016; Series 4 – Sept. 16, 2016.

And did you know?  Geocaching.com is also sponsoring a Find Your Park GeoTour.  Go on a geocaching tour of national parks across the country!

Get started on your adventure:

View and download the caches using this Bookmark. The bookmark list contains all 100 caches, grouped by series.

Download the series passports. Each geocache will contain a unique code word, which you must record in the appropriate passport to verify your visit.

Visit Rainier GeoTour Guidelines, which contain the rules and details for your quest.

This GeoTour ends Oct. 31, 2017, so be sure you’ve found all the caches by then! Submit your passports before November 10, 2017, to allow time for processing.

Go find some caches! Be sure to sign the logbook inside each cache and record the code word in your passport. Most caches have trade items, so if you want some treasure, bring swag to swap. After you’ve found some caches, record your experiences online by posting a log on each cache page.


Once you’ve found all the caches in the series, you can mail in the completed passport to receive a pathtag prize.



If you complete all four series (100 caches), you can receive a commemorative geocoin.

(Prizes are limited to one per family/household.)


Time to go geocaching. . .  We hope you enjoy the tour!

Series 1

View Series 1 printable map (.jpg) | Download Map (.pdf)

Series 2

View Series 2 printable map (.jpg) | Download Map (.pdf)

Series 3

View Series 3 printable map (.jpg) | Download Map (.pdf)

Series 4

View Series 4 printable map (.jpg) | Download Map (.pdf)

All Four Series

View All Series printable map (.jpg) | Download Map (.pdf)

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The Visit Rainier Centennial GeoTour is sponsored by Visit Rainier, White Pass Scenic Byway, Destination Packwood and the Washington State Geocaching Association (WSGA).