Carter Falls

Semi-hidden Carter Falls is especially enjoyable on a hot day as the Nisqually River Rrail leading to it, is through sheltered old-growth forest beside the Paradise River. This 53 foot high falls is but one of several along the Paradise River. While Carter Falls is not the most spectacular of waterfalls, it is more than pretty enough to command your attention and is a refreshing sight on a summer day. One distinguishing feature is a pour spout (think creamer!) that funnels the waterfall into a symmetrical column.

Carter Falls was named between 1889 and 1895 for Henry Carter, a guide who built the first trail to the Paradise Valley.

Height: 53 feet | Form: Plunge | Number of Drops: 2

Source Stream: Paradise River | Access: Moderate Hike

Location:  46.76474 N, -121.76995 W

Directions: Access the Wonderland Trail across from Cougar Rock Campground, located eight miles east of the Nisqually entrance to the park. Hike the trail eastward 1.3 miles to the falls.

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