Autumn’s Around the Corner at Mt. Rainier

Photo Credit: Mary Janosik

As summer comes a close, fall has slowly begun to take hold at the park. Leaves are beginning to turn, the evenings become brisk, and the crowds begin to thin. Autumn at Mount Rainier; it’s simply a stunning time to visit the park. For a huckleberry-laden hike, choose Noble Nob. Reports have made mention to great berry crops along the trail. For fall color, the Skyline Trail near Paradise is always a fan favorite. For a lesser-known trail, try Summit Lake, near the Carbon River Entrance to the park. Come for a fall getaway this season at the park.

All roads in the park are open, but now is a good time to remind visitors what is open, what is closed, and what buildings have moved to winter hours.

National Park Inn – Open daily year-round
Longmire General Store – Open daily year-round
Longmire Museum – Open daily year-round
Longmire Wilderness & Information Center – Open through Oct. 11th
Cougar Rock Campground – Open through Oct. 11th

Paradise Inn – Open through Oct. 4th
Henry M. Jackson Visitor Center – Open daily through Oct. 11th; Beginning Oct. 12th, open 10am-5pm weekends and holidays
Paradise Guide House – Open weekends through Sept. 26th

Ohanapecosh Campground – Open through Oct. 11th
Ohanapecosh Visitor Center – Open through Oct. 11th

Sunrise Visitor Center & Day Lodge – Closed for winter
Sunrise Road is tentatively scheduled to close for the season October 12, depending on road and weather conditions.

Carbon River
Carbon River Ranger Station – Call for hours: 360-829-9639
White River Campground – Open through Oct. 3rd.