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Arnica, Broadleaf

Arnica, Broadleaf

Broadleaf Arnica is a common subalpine species; it can be found growing alone or in clustered groups formed from spreading rootstock.

The stems can reach about 20 inches (50 cm) in height, with oval, toothed leaves. Arnica latifolia is a species of arnica known by the common names Broadleaf Arnica, Broad Leaved Arnica, Mountain Arnica, and Daffodil Leopardbane. It is native to western North America from Alaska to New Mexico, where it grows in mountain habitats such as forest and meadows.

This is a perennial herb growing from a long rhizome and producing a hairy, mostly naked stem 10 to 50 centimeters tall. It has a cluster of leaves around its base and usually a few pairs along the lower part of the stem. The leaves are lance-shaped to broad and nearly heart-shaped and are usually toothed.

The inflorescence contains one or more daisylike flower heads lined in glandular phyllaries. Each has a center of yellow disc florets and several yellow ray florets up to 3 centimeters long. The fruit is an achene with a white pappus.

Flower Family: Sunflower
Scientific Name: Arnica latifolia
Usual Color: Yellow

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