Wildflower Identification

One of the most spectacular aspects of Mt. Rainier National Park is its world-renowned wildflower meadows. No matter what the length of your stay, a stroll among these seemingly endless fields of wildflowers is a must-do. Each July and August, Mt. Rainier's meadows burst with color. Avalanche lilies, paintbrush, asters, daises, cinquefoil, fireweed, purple shooting stars and so many others, blanket the mountain in every color of the rainbow.

Top Wildflower Viewing Locations


Someone once stated, "a trip to Paradise is going to heaven before you die." Wildflowers in every shade sway in the breeze, filling meadow upon meadow with brilliant colors. A network of sixteen trails skirt around these meadows. A great choice is the paved Skyline Trail, departing from the visitor center, providing fabulous flower views and it's suitable for the whole family. Other area hikes with fantastic flower displays are Spray Park, Van Trump Park and Indian Henrys.


On the other side of the mountain, visitors to Sunrise will witness a true alpine ecosystem. Sitting at 1,000 feet higher than Paradise, this ecosystem is especially fragile. In summer, mountain meadows abound with wildflowers; the Sourdough Ridge Trail is a popular, easy 2 ½ mile hike. At their height in summer, visitors can see acre upon acre of vivid wildflowers, with swaths of lupine, paintbrush and red mountain heather.

Chinook Pass/Tipsoo Lake

Many photographers say that the wildflowers at Tipsoo Lake rival anything found at Paradise. Located at the summit of Chinook Pass, this subalpine lake and surrounding area is simply a wildflower seeker's dream. Stroll through fields of vibrant color - the yellows, oranges, pinks and purples of lupine, Indian paint brush, partridge foot and many others set a dramatic scene. Easy area nature trails meander near the lake offering dazzling views of these world-class wildflower meadows. For a longer day hike, take the Naches Peak trail.
Wildflower identification guide


Name Wildflower Color Scientific Name
Name Wildflower Color Scientific Name
Alpine Aster Blue-purple Aster alpigenus
Alpine Phaceliab Blue-purple Phacelia sericea
Arnica, Broadleaf Yellow Arnica latifolia
Avalanche Lily White Erythronium montanum
Beargrass White Xerophyllum tenax
Bellflower Blue-purple Campanula piperi
Birds Beak Lousewort Red-pink Pedicularis ornithorhyncha
Bleeding Heart Pink Dicentra Formosa
Bog Orchid White Platanthera dilatata
Bracted Lousewort Yellow Pedicularis bracteosa
Buckwheat, Wild Yellow Eriogonum ovalifolium
Bunchberry, Canadian Dogwood White Cornus Canadensis
Buttercup Yellow Ranunculus eschscholtzi
Butterwort Blue-purple Pinguicula vulgaris
Cascade Azalea White Rhododendron albiflorum
Cinquefoil Yellow Potentilla spp.
Coiled Beak Lousewort White Pedicularis contorta
Coltsfoot White Petasites frigidus
Columbian Lewisia Pink Lewisia columbiana
Columbine Red-orange Gilia aggregate
Cow Parsnip White Heracleum lanatum
Devil's Club White Oplopanax horridus
Elephant's Head Lousewort Blue-purple Pedicularis groenlandica
False Hellebore White Veratrum viride
Fan Leaf Cinquefoil Yellow Cinquefoil flabellifolia
Fireweed Red-pink Epilobium angustifolium
Foamflower White Tiarella trifoliata
Glacier Lily Yellow Erythronium grandiflorum
Golden Fleabane Yellow Erigeron aureus
Goldenrod, Mountain Yellow Solidago multiradiata
Gray's Licorice Root White Ligusticum grayi 
Groundsel, Ragwort Yellow Senecio triangularis
Harebell Blue-purple Campanula rotundifolia
Hook Violet Blue-purple Viola adunca
Hooker Fairybells White Disporum hookeri
Huckleberry, Evergreen White Vaccinium ovatum
Indian Pipe White Monotropa uniflora
Indian Thistle Pink Cirsium edule
Jacob's Ladder Blue-purple Polemonium pulcherrimum
Jeffrey Shooting Star Red-pink Dodecatheon jeffreyi
Lady's Slipper Calypso Red-pink Calypso bulbosa
Larkspur Blue-purple Delphinium glareosum
Lewis' Monkeyflower Red-pink Mimulus lewisii
Lupine Blue-purple Lupinus latifolius
Marsh Marigold White Caltha biflora
Marsh Violet Blue-purple Viola palustris
Merten's Bluebells Blue-purple Mertensia paniculata
Monkeyflower, Common Yellow Mimulus guttatus
Monkeyflower, Yellow Yellow Mimulus tilingii
Moss Campion Pink Silene acaulis
Mountain Bog Gentian Blue-purple Gentiana calycosa
Mountain Daisy; Fleabane Pink Erigeron peregrinus
Mt. Rainier Lousewort Yellow Pedicularis rainierensis
Ocean Spray White Holodiscus discolor
Pacific Coralroot Pink Corallorhiza mertensiana
Pacific Lupine Blue-purple Lupinus lepidus
Paintbrush, Common Red-orange Castilleja miniata
Paintbrush, Magenta Red-pink Castilleja parviflora
Partridgefoot White Luetkea pectinata
Pearly Everlasting White Anaphalis margaritacea
Penstemon Blue-purple Penstemon procerus
Penstemon, Petite Blue-purple Penstemon fruticosus
Penstemon, Shrubby Red-pink Penstemon rupicola
Phlox Blue-purple Pholx diffusa
Pinesap White Hypopitys monotropa
Pink Mountain Heather Pink Phyllodoce empetriformis
Pink Wintergreen Pink Pyrola asarifolia
Pioneer Violet Yellow Viola glabella
Pipsissewa Pink Chimaphila umbellata
Queens Cup White Clintonia uniflora
Raspberry, Creeping White Rubus lasiococcus
Rein Orchid White Piperia
Rosey Spirea Red-pink Spiraea densiflora
Rosy Twisted Stalk White Streptopus lanceolatus
Salal White Gaultheria shallon
Salmonberry Red-pink Rubus spectabilis
Sandwort White Arenaria spp.
Scarlet Gilia Red-orange Gilia aggregate
Sickletop Lousewort Pink Pedicularis racemosa
Sitka Valerian White Valeriana sitchensis
Skunk Cabbage Yellow Lysichitum americanum
Solomon's Seal, Large White Smilacina racemosa
Spotted Saxifrage White Saxifraga bronchialis
Spring Beauty White Claytonia lanceolata
Stonecrop Yellow Sedum divergens
Thimbleberry White Rubus parviflorus
Tiger Lily (Columbia Lily) Yellow Lilium columbianum
Tolmie's Saxifrage White Micranthes tolmiei
Trillium White Trillium ovatum
Twinflower Pink Linnaea borealis
Vanilla Leaf White Achyls triphylla
Veronica Blue-purple Veronica spp.
Western Anemone, Flower Stage White Anemone occidentalis
Western Anemone, Seed Stage White Anemone occidentalis
Western Corydalis Pink Corydalis scouleri
White Heather White Cassiope mertensiana
Wild Ginger Red-pink Asarum caudatum
Wood Nymph White Pyrola uniflora
Yarrow White Achillea millefolium
Yellow Fritillary Yellow Fritillaria pudica

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