Driving Tours

Hit the road and see the sights in and around Mt. Rainier. Choose from four loops, all of which can be completed easily in a day or, stay overnight for a more leisurely outing. For a detailed description of these loop drives and points of interest along these routes, click on the links or the map below. 

Insider Tip: To beat the crowds, schedule your day to arrive at Paradise or Sunrise before noon or after 3pm.

LOOPS: #1: Circle Rainier | #2: Scenic Byways | #3: Road to Paradise | #4: White Pass Scenic Byway Loop 3: Road to Paradise - 83 miles, 2.5 hours driving time Loop 2: Scenic Byways Loop - 129 miles, 3 hours driving time Loop 4: White Pass Scenic Byway - 115 miles, 3 hours driving time Loop 1: Circle Mt. Rainier - 147 miles, 5 hours driving time

White Pass Scenic Byway

Known as the gateway to recreation in the Central Cascades, the natural and pristine White Pass Scenic Byway winds through the forests of Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Adams and Mt. Rainier National Park before ascending to the arid landscape of Eastern Washington.

Chinook Scenic Byway

Recognized as a premier driving tour in Washington State, the Chinook Scenic Byway travels through the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest and Mount Rainier National Park. Experience the diverse landscape of the Central Cascades...

LOOP 1: Circle Mt. Rainier Drive

Drive the route encircling Mt. Rainier and discover all corners of this majestic national park. Explore rural and friendly mountain communities and discover the dramatic and rugged beauty of this wilderness area. Spend time at each of the four entrances to the park getting to know each one’s unique qualities.

LOOP 2: Scenic Byways Loop

This journey takes visitors through the eastern edge of Mt. Rainier National Park and along two of Washington’s most beloved scenic byways, the Chinook Byway and the White Pass Scenic Byway. Discover the dramatic and rugged beauty of these wilderness areas. Spend time touring Mt. Rainier National Park”s Ohanapecosh area and Chinook Pass.

LOOP 3: The Road to Paradise

Experience the grandeur of Mount Rainier. Witness old-growth temperate rainforests, waterfalls, and impressive vistas. Whether you venture and sightsee by car, or choose to get outdoors and enjoy the many stops along the way, it’s all pure Rainier. An excellent introduction to the beauty, majesty and mystique of Mt. Rainier National Park.

LOOP 4: West Side Loop

VIEW LARGER MAP of the West Side Loop Offering many of the Mt. Rainier area's most spectacular attributes, tour the Nisqually area, explore Mt. Rainier National Park and discover the Big Bottom Valley on t...