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Hike of the Week: Eastside Trail – Lower

Area: Ohanapecosh
Hike Type: Woodland Pass: Natl. Park Pass
Distance: 9 miles one way Duration: 4 hrs Difficulty Level: Moderate
Snow-Free: Late-May – November High Point: 2,200 ft Elevation Loss: 2,200

Features: kid-friendly, exemplary old-growth, impressive waterfalls, solitude

One of the longest trails within Mount Rainier National Park, the Eastside Trail is also one of the park’s quieter trails. Spanning the park’s eastern reaches from Chinook Pass to the Ohanapecosh Campground, the Eastside Trail traverses alpine meadows, primeval forest and a valley that thunders from catapulting creeks and crashing cascades.  With several trailheads and access points, the 13.4-mile trail can be hiked in sections. The lower two-thirds of this trail makes for an excellent early and late season hike when the numerous waterfalls along the way are at their finest. If you can arrange a shuttle, do this hike as a downhill one-way.

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