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14,411 feet of fun and adventure await your exploration at Mt. Rainier. Hike with the wildflowers, gaze upon powerful waterfalls and discover vistas that re-define spectacular. Ready to hit the trail? We have over 130 trail descriptions. Want to relax and stay awhile? Choose from over 30 lodging options. Go on a train ride, visit a wildlife park, follow a drive tour, take the gondola… We’re offering all the tools you need to make your next trip to the mountain a reality.

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© Ian McRae

Wildflower Watch 2015 Begins!

June 22, 2015 Less snow this past winter means Mt. Rainier’s world-famous wildflowers are ahead of schedule,...

Go Geocaching at Mt. Rainier

To celebrate Visit Rainier’s Centennial Geotour, we packed up the family - dog included - and made a loop around Mt....

Summer Hiking

© Craig Romano

Sourdough Ridge

While Paradise with its legendary alpine meadows is the place most first time visitors to Mount Rainier National Park venture to—I prefer to introduce folks to The Mountain at Sunrise. As its name suggests, this is the first place Washington’s iconic peak is touched by sunlight each day.
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